About Captain Josh Dewberry

Captain Josh Dewberry

Thanks for coming to my website. I am Capt. Josh Dewberry and I have been guiding fishing trips for over 15 years. I am a charter fishing guide that has lived on the North Carolina coast all my life and spent most of my time outdoors. For the first couple of years I guided offshore, then the next couple of years I did inshore charters. For the last 5 years or so I strictly have done gigging and bowfishing at night. From duck hunting swamps to frog gigging at night, I have done it all. But my true passion is fishing which I got hooked on as a kid from the countless hours spent with my dad fishing inshore and offshore the coastal waters. 

I love to take anglers of all ages out to have an experience of a lifetime. As I launch the boat each evening, I still get the same thrill as I did the first time. There is something special about being out in the beauty God has provided. Guiding is a job, but it isn’t. It is a honor to be able to share with others the nature & beauty this area has to offer. Aboard my boat, there is room for beginners or experts. The main reason I guide is not for the money. What keeps me motivated is getting to see the smiling faces of people having a good time. I’m the easiest guy to get along with and I will go the extra mile for you. No matter what we are after, I will always give you 110%.